Wireless / WiFi Connectivity

 Wireless Communications is an ever growing segment as Organizations discover the productivity benefits of the type of connectivity.dish

  • Types of Wireless Networks:
    • Enterprise WiFi
    • Outdoor Broadband
    • Signal Enhancement, Boost, Repeaters
    • Point to Point Wireless
    • Point of Sale (POS)
    • CCTV
    • Business Telephone
    • Paging
    • Mobile Wireless Access
    • Point to Multi-point Wireless
    • Network Medias;
        • 802.22g
        • 802.11b
        • 802.11n
        • 802.11a
        • Mobile WiMAX
        • Broadband/3G Cellular Data

Important Wireless Considerations 

wifi The genesis of a Wireless Network requires an in depth and complete plan of approach.  Organizational goals need to be thoroughly understood and followed with a site survey to evaluate the possible points of transmission interference – short comings.  WiFi Networks can be difficult to implement.  The project team responsible for implementation would have to balance the Customer’s needs, budget, project scope and optimizing performance. 

 A site survey should always be performed.  The physical evaluation of the Customer’s facility ensures the best locations of Wireless components.  Prior to the installation of such components a (RF) Radio Frequency Test is performed.  By doing this, obstacles such as building construction type, elevators and walls can be considered and (WAP) Wireless Access Points can be placed to accommodate accordingly.



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