Network Installations
Structured Cabling Systems

Our Strengths8x2 Metro Cable and Networks offers a broad range of products and services to enable our customers to efficiently deploy and utilize the benefits of today’s Information Technology solutions. 

 Our core competencies are structured cabling systems for voice, video and data applications, cable plant design, LAN and WAN products, wireless networking, outsourced IT field services and consulting staff.

 Data Centers and Storage Area Networks (SANs) are the nerve centers of today’s business.   All of your organizations critical applications; business data, voice applications, records and communications all depend on the performance and reliability of IT Infrastructure.  Metro Cable and Networks’s solutions deliver the performance and reliability you expect and demand.  Complete end-to-end cabling, utilizing high performance fiber optic and copper cabling, connectivity and networking components for capabilities up to 10 Gb/s.

sky Metro Cable and Networks can offer your organization a highly trained diverse staff of IT engineers, infrastructure design, project managers, and field technicians.  This unique offering of talents enables us to deliver a complete, turn-key networking solution.


Connectivity Made Simple 

Optical  Fiber Installs
Metro Cable and Networks provides high performance, high bandwidth single-mode and multi-mode  optical fiber solutions with your choice of ANSI/TIA-568 compliant connectors.  This enables you to achieve the performance metrics that are right for your  business or network application.

Copper  Installations
We  provide certified Category  5e, Category  6, and 6e network  cabling for voice, video, data,  building automation, etc. All  copper cabling solutions are installed, tested, and certified to meet or exceed  the latest ANSI/TIA-568 standard specifications.

Coax  Installations
Our high  performance, low-loss coaxial cable, and connectors deliver  optimum electrical and mechanical performance even under harsh conditions. For  instance, for demanding cabling projects where tight bends and twists are  involved, we use coax cable with maximum flexibility and achieve and exceed the  desired levels of performance.

Cable  Management
Our  cable management solutions provide support systems to organize, store and secure  cabling, as well as valuable computer, data and communications equipment. We  provide physical layer management systems which not only simplify the network  design, build-out or expansion, but can also deliver valuable information to  facilitate the rapid resolution of physical layer faults.



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